Welcome to Vikram Anand Life Coaching Services (VALiCoS)

Vikram Anand Life Coaching Services is the brain child of Vikram Anand who is a Certified Life Coach and passionate to help transform people’s lives.

The Company name acronym VALICOS has a special meaning. It is derived from the Italian word ‘valico’ which means 'mountain pass'.

Life presents us with mountains of challenges, sorrows and sufferings. By way of our services, we help you to discover your ‘pass’ amidst those mountains of your life! Our sincere endeavour is to help you to cherish your life and live it to the fullest.

We not just help you to win over the challenges of your life but to transform you into a leader so that you take complete charge of your life.

Our mission is to create leaders and success stories of tomorrow!

Along with one-on-one life coaching we offer customized training services to Corporate, Industries and Educational Institutes on:

  • Mind Power
  • Personal Enhancement
  • Life Balance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Boosting productivity and performance

We offer these foundation training programs under our trademark brand “Master Keys to Success

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