Life Coaching

From the desk of Vikram Anand:

“Life Experience is a very harsh teacher. She takes tests first and offers lessons afterwards”

Indeed we have to face series of challenges and tough times in life. But as Robert Schuller has rightly said, “Tough times never last but tough people do!”

Who-is-a-life-coachThat’s where the role of Life Coach comes in: to help you navigate through the challenging times and achieve a sense of satisfaction and balance in your life!

As a student of Shaolin Kungfu, whose foundation is based on ‘chan’ or ‘zen’ Buddhism; I identify life events as mechanisms of energy balance. No matter how powerful, knowledgeable or wealthy you may be, there is always a higher force controlling your life. Your thoughts, decisions and actions must be in harmony with that higher energy to establish a state of balance.

My role as a life coach is to help you achieve that harmony and balance in life.

What truly makes me qualify to offer life coaching is the fact that I have been through all kinds of possible failures in life; be it relationship failure, financial failure, career failure, health failure, spiritual failure. As a harsh teacher, life has taught me many valuable lessons. To learn and imbibe those lessons have been my greatest success! It has been complemented with my study and practice of Shaolin Kungfu whose ultimate goal lies not in victory or defeat but in perfection of character!

With all those gems of wisdom acquired through my personal life experiences, it has become my mission to not just help people to overcome the challenges of their lives but to guide them in becoming leaders and success stories!

So if you feel the need of life coaching to address your grey areas and wish to emerge as a true leader in your life, you are invited to book a free session with me. Help is just a call away!

Your trusted friend,

Vikram Anand