Programs Offered

We offer our programs and training services under our trademark brand Master-Keys-to-Success-TM

We cater to the training needs of:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Corporate
  • Industries
  • Clubs and Societies

Our flagship training programs and topics covered:

Mind Power for Exam Success-For Students Awakening the Leader in you
1. Shaolin Kungfu Chi Gong meditation techniques for positive energy  and vibration

2. Understanding how the mind works

3. What is Law of Attraction and how does it work

4. Creating vision boards to define your success

5. How to make your mind more focussed

6. How to train your mind to get desired success in exam


1.    Shaolin Kungfu Chi Gong meditation techniques for positive energy and vibration

2.    Understanding  what is leadership all about?

3.   Understanding who you are? A Follower, A Manager or a Leader

4.    What is your motivation to be a leader?

5.    What would make you a leader?

6.    What would you achieve in your leadership role?

7.    Strengthening your commitment as a leader

Here are the list of other training programs offered and their key benefits to the participants:

 Programs offered Benefits
1. Know Your Identity 1. Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses

2. Knowing your passion and where to focus

2. How to set and achieve goals 1. Purpose of goal setting

2. How to set goals correctly

3. Avoiding mistakes in goal setting

3. Time Management 1. Need for Time Management

2. How to prioritize your activities

3. Golden Tips for Effective Time Management

4. Unleashing the Power of your Mind 1. Understanding your identity

2. Sections of Mind

3. Introduction to Super Conscious Mind

4. What is Law of Attraction and How to use it?

5. How to increase your Self Esteem and Self Confidence levels 1. Importance of having high self esteem and self confidence

2. How to increase one’s self esteem

3. How to increase one’s self confidence

6.  Attitude Management 1. Understanding importance and dynamics attitude

2. How to get rid of negative attitude and develop positive attitude towards life

3. Tips for developing winning attitude


7.  Dealing with Emotions 1. ABCs of Emotions

2. Understanding emotions and logic

3. How to balance emotions and logic

4. Taking charge of your emotions

8. Creative Problem Solving 1. Identifying your problems

2. Develop creative strategies in problem solving

9. Enhancing Creativity 1. To understand the concept of creativity

2. To learn strategies for enhancing creativity

3. To create a new identity by drawing an action plan

10. SWOT Analysis 1. Evaluate our inner selves

2. Look at our limitations and our strengths

3. Techniques to turn the limitations into strengths

11. Reaching your potential 1. To understand that our experiences determine our thoughts

2. To determine a purpose in life

3. To create a personal vision and mission

4. To set short-term and long-term goals

5. To develop affirmations and self-images to reinforce those goals

12. Stress Management 1. Understanding causes and effects of stress

2.Importance of stress management

3. How to effectively manage stress and live a balanced life

13. Anger Management & Control 1. Understanding psychological reasons why we get angry and their effects on body and mind

2. Identifying anger triggers and how to control them

3. Developing skills to control anger

12. Self Defence with Martial arts- Especially for women 1. Philosophy of martial arts

2. Importance of learning self defence in India

3. Different types of attack

4. Different situations of attack

5. Easy & effective self defence methods

And many more customized training programs with tangible benefits to our participants.

*Live exercises during our sessions.