We had an interesting training program by Mr Vikram Anand. It has boosted and motivated our staff to do better. Pointers mentioned by Mr Anand were instrumental in getting to the core of many organisational issues plaguing industry today. A brief talk & training can make a huge impact on the performance of any organisation.

Deepak Chandorkar
CEO, Alvin Caramel Colours (India) Pvt Ltd.

testimonial-from-prudent-controlsThis is very truly said......And the session that we had in our office by you made many of our team members see, what they haven't known till date.

Although we had a session on stress management but at the end of session all had smiles on their faces. That was all because of your session.Thanks a lot Vikram!

Payal Chittora-HR-Prudent controls

“Vikram is truly a vibrant soul capable to absolutely impact peoples live with his passionate leadership skills and knowledge. I am pleased to know him and wish him success in his mission.”

Irfan Noorani
Hotel Controller
Princess Cruises – Santa Clarita (USA)

"Vikram is an amazing guy who works wonders. With his energy and enthusiasm, he has managed to motivate to take my training passion to a whole new level. Looking forward to work wonders with his consistent support."

Srinivas Kottur
Co-Owner, ASK4U

“Vikram is very committed coach and has tremendous energy. He is all about energy and is transmitting energy into other people’s lives. His techniques are very unique and incorporates martial arts philosophy which gives a lethal combination of physical and mental strength. Hats off to Vikram!”

Ashit Maitra
Chairman and MD
Coal Joint International

"Mr. Vikram helps you to become more positive, productive and patient. I have begun trusting the process to make things happen. He has also published great books and videos which helped us immensely."
Jitendra Joshi
Entrepreneur and Founder
Despido Fashion and Lifestyle

"When you wanna fly
It’s the time that cry
You need a support
You are to be a sport
When you decide
Vikram excite
Thanking him for all the given knowledge
Thanking him for everything he acknowledge

Best Life Coach ever
Thank you Vikram!"

Sakshi Agarwal

"Vikram Anand is a great zealot with a charged spirit. Gentle in his mannerisms, he has the ability to reach out to anyone for help. He has the ability to lead by infecting the group with an enthused team spirit.
Vikram has organized and led many corporate seminars and is proficient in leadership skills training. I have seen him as a catalyst to my organization in Mind Matters and I am looking forward to more such combined sessions which can leave people awestruck and enable them to rise over mediocrity. I on behalf of my institute, Mind Matters wish him all the success he is aspiring for."

Snehalata Chari

“I know quite a bit of Life Coaches in different fields, but the main reason I recommend Vikram Anand, because of his personal & professional capabilities to transform one's life at 360°. He is fabulous in conducting Leadership Development & Corporate Training sessions.
'Genuine interest taking' in sharing and developing is his core asset!!
In my recent search, I found Vikram Anand is best among all!”

Daljinder Nagpal
Executive Director,
Professional Business Solutions & Mktg Consultacy
Navi Mumbai